Has Your Property Grown Out of Control?

Schedule brush trimming services in Houston, TX

Underbrush, overgrown trees and bushes need to stay neat and trimmed if you want your property to look its best. Nasario Lara Lawn Care in Houston, TX can take care of your property for you with our brush trimming services. We use the right equipment to ensure safety on the job and trim plants up to 20 feet tall. You can even have us fully remove trees and stumps.

Call us today for professional tree cutting services.

Why do you need to trim your trees?

Trees can grow tall and unruly without pruning or trimming. Not only does trimming deal with overgrown trees, but it can also directly benefit trees. With professional tree cutting services, you can:

  • Help encourage growth with the right structure
  • Alleviate excess weight on the tree's canopy
  • Remove dead, dying or diseased branches
Cutting off diseased branches helps protect the rest of the tree and makes it less likely for the disease to spread. If you have any questions about our tree or brush trimming services, reach out to us now.